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Professional, Period.

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Our high office to field worker ratio provides “process efficiency” and ensures responsiveness. We are a State Licensed Home Elevation Contractor who is fully Insured (completely state salutatory compliant) for Home elevation & building moving, demolition, helical drilling and masonry.

Company Focus:

HBHR is a midsized Home Elevation Contractor with secondary capacities which include;

a) Masonry and structure demolition,

b) Certified Helical Piling Installation and

c) Comprehensive masonry installation

Our well trained and experienced crews maintain a rigid standard of quality and utilize only the state mandated Unified Jacking equipment. Our friendly staff has firsthand personal knowledge of the home elevation process.

  • We serve the greater NJ coastal region and beyond!

  • Memberships: HBHR is a member of the NJHEC (New Jersey Home Elevation Coalition) and the IASM (International Association of Structural Movers)

  • We hire local and legal staff and crew members, and employ several Veterans

A Skilled Team:

Why us:

We do not take on more projects that we can handle at any one time.

“…Tim and Carlos and the entire staff were a pleasure to work with. The crew will help you navigate the entire process from start to finish.  I usually don't write reviews but Hale Built deserves one…” –Bob Kumpf Toms River, NJ


Professional, Period.


“The experience we had with Hale was fantastic, greatly attributed to your staff's knowledge and tenacity.  Please feel free to use us as a reference as we were totally impressed by the precision in which you lifted our house…”

- Judith Leblien Lavalette,NJ

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Hale Built House Raising partner company lifted this home in Baton Rouge, LA today with their specialized 19 jack double stroke Hydraulic Unified Jacking Machine.


This home elevation will include a new foundation, break away walls and will be FEMA compliant. Call us  for a free estimate today! We will not be under bid.

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March 17, 2017

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A Local Family Since 1953.  We will match or beat any qualified competitor’s bid!  Come in and visit our friendly New Jersey Native staff.