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Whether your home is on a crawl space, slab, or a mixture of both, you want to save your masonry chimney or the deck attached to your home, HBHR will establish the right solution. Our experienced field crew is well organized, conscientious and takes pride in using the utmost care to preserve electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems to minimize reconnect costs.


We have been regularly validated RREM Grant Program Contractor. Our team has worked with most coastal designers and engineers. We frequently participate in the assessment and design process!

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"GREAT JOB" Hale Built - House lifted on June 7th , "Keelen builders removed foundation and footings, poured new footing, built new 7 ft. block foundation with 5 piers and installed 2'x8' plates. Ready to lower house on June 18th. House lowered on June 23rd.

NEW RECORD FOR KEELEN BUILDERS AND HALE BUILT. - Thank you, - Dave Keelen. 14 days up and down!