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HBHR offers in house full foundation demolition and masonry services. As a certified helical installer, including “pressure grout displacement”, we install Helical Piles of all types and partner with Acme Piling, a 45 year veteran Toms River based wood piling company, for your deep foundation designs.


Helical Piles:

The layers of shallow soils underlying commercial and residential structures in coastal areas and flood zones vary. They are sometimes not able to support the load of a new foundation for an elevated building. After your soil boring and analysis, helical piles may be a necessary part in your design to transfer load to deeper more stable soils. HBHR is competitively priced and is able to install your helical piles very quickly after the home is lifted. HBHR does not push brands. We focus on a cost effective efficient pathway to complete your project.

Whether you need a simple foundation repair, to build on top of your existing, tear out and re-build, or a new concrete slab under your home, HBHR’s in house masonry and demolition crew can complete the job. Our masons arrive within days of every HBHR home elevation.

Masonry Foundations and Demolition:

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